Overdue updates

Firstly, congrats to Canterbury Games Studio for their successful Kickstarter campaign for Henchmen, very happy to lend my voice to the promo video!

Driving on with Librivox recording, hoping to get some more done tonight, will get links up when the project’s published.

Thanks for following, speak to you soon!


Little update

Just to say, the first part of the Librivox recording is uploaded (after much shenanigans), will probably record the rest tomorrow night & upload Wednesday. Once it’s approved by the LV reader, I’ll put up a sample here.

Little update

Recorded a chunk of a fairy story last night, plenty sub-Allo Allo fench name action going on. Doing the edit tonight, hopefully managed to shut out the frantic late night sileage action going on over the road.


Hello everyone, excuse the mess, setting up the beginnings of a shop window for my voice work.

Got a couple of old samples up, and basic contact information, more content is coming!